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Catching The Winds

This blog has been established to muse with Holy Spirit about the Church, the world, and what the glory of God looks like on the faces of transformed people.

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is goes... (John 3:8).

Catching The Winds has been created to discuss issues in the Church, the world, everyday life with Jesus, and with all those around us. To help us as we reach toward the high calling of God in Christ Jesus into wholly transformed lives. My discussions are not written from the viewpoint of an expert nor biblical scholar on the outside looking in. I am truly “doing life” with you. And none of us are perfect. We are all dependent upon our infinite authority, teacher, and guide—Holy Spirit to navigate this tumultuous world, and day-to-day life whatever it brings as we continue to press in with the faith of God during these challenging times.

Catching The Winds is to provoke us to be more than “pew sitters” whose aim is to ensure our own places in heaven. But rather be active believers who earnestly desire to see God’s high standard of holy living return to our homes and churches again. To vehemently bubble over into the world one righteous believer at a time. God’s standard must not only be displayed in our homes and churches. But also in all levels of our governmental systems, our educational systems…all aspects of life, and all areas of society. Especially those which have been labeled taboo for Christians to be a part of. The harvest is everywhere. 

Catching The Winds is to inspire us to muse with Holy Spirit in practical ways, supernatural ways, and new and unique ways. Many post may be highly introspective. But always biblically grounded in order to catch the winds of Holy Spirit in truth and love from whatsoever direction He chooses to blow.

My prayer is that this blog be more than thought provoking but that we be inwardly stirred toward lives of consistent repentance and change. That we experience fuller lives, and richer relationships in this world. That we take notice of the winds of Holy Spirit, and see with eyes of the Spirit. May you find this blog insightful, uplifting, educational, and sobering in the fear of the Lord.

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The Holy Spirit
an inward cloud by day
a fire by night

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